Šlapkauskaitė, G., Jankavičiūtė, G.

Ecological role of group B vitamins in the succesion of phytoplankton. 1. investigations on the succesion of late summer phytoplankton and structure of vitamins under experimentally modulated different trophic conditions


The research tests of late summer phytoplankton regarding their seasonal succesion were conducted using experimental models with water of different eutrophic conditions. This allowed to carry out an evaluation of the following changes during the succesion: composition of algae, percentage abundance of algae, biomass of phytoplankton, photosynthesis and respiration of phytoplankton, amount of saprophytic bacteria, dynamic of group B vitamins both in water and phytoplankton biomass. Changes of phytoplanktocenosis coincided mainly with changes in the content of group B vitamins in water.

Due to a large amount of available research data, this paper is divided into several parts to analyze the test results of the succesion of late summer and spring phytoplankton, and the influence of different vitamins on the succesion of phytoplankton.

Keywords succesion of phytoplankton, vitamins in succesion of phytoplankton
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