Konoreva L., Chesnokov S., Kuznetsova E., Stepanchikova I.

Remarkable records of Micarea from the Russian Far East and significant extension of Micarea laeta and M. microareolata range

Abstract The aim of the study was to consolidate data on lichens of the genus Micarea Fr. from the Russian Far East. A total of 19 Micarea species were found to be known from this area. Micarea laeta and M. microareolata were new to Asia and Russia. Additionally, M. laeta was reported new to North America, Austria and Great Britain, M. microareolata – to North America, Czech Republic and Germany as well. Micarea contexta was reported new to Asia, Micarea adnata and M. tomentosa were reported new to the Russian Far East, M. hedlundii to the South of the Russian Far East and M. lignaria to the Sakhalin Region. Micarea turfosa was excluded from the list. The distribution of taxa and some differences between related species were discussed. Molecular data were obtained and used for phylogenetic analysis of Micarea contexta, M. laeta and M. microareolata.

Doi https://doi.org/10.2478/botlit-2019-0020

Keywords biogeography, crustose lichens, distribution, Kamchatka, Kurile Islands, Sakhalin, North America

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