Koreivienė J., Karosienė J., Kasperovičienė J., Paškauskas R., Łęska B., Pankiewicz R., Juškaitė L., Zagorskis A., Wilk-Woźniak E., Valskys V., Gulbinas Z., Walusiak E., Krzton W., Morudov D., Radzevičius K., Treska E., Tabisz Ł., Papsdorf M., Piotrowicz Z., Messyasz B.

EU project of LIFE programme ‘Algae Service for LIFE’ develops ecologically sustainable bioproducts from freshwater cyanobacteria and macro­algae biomass

‘Algae Service for LIFE’, the project supported by the European Union, seeks to promote best practices in ecological service and the circular economy by implementing innovative complex system of three interlinked elements: i) prototypes for harvesting of cyanobacteria and macroalgae biomass; ii) distant methods for surveying of the blooms and defining hot-spots of algal agglomerations; and iii) restitution of harvesting costs by redesigning of waste algal biomass into valuable products. The current paper describes application of algal biomass part of the project by providing actions in redesigning of harvested waste biomass of cyanobacteria and macroalgae into potential valuable products for sustainable management and recycling of environmental resources. It also highlights the socio-economic aspects of the project and added value of the project for the European Union.

Doi https://doi.org/10.2478/botlit-2019-0019

Keywords algal biomass, biofertilisers, biogas, bioproducts, circular economy, cyanobacteria, macroalgae

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