Peseckien─Ś, A.

Localization of water-soluble polysaccaharides in the indigenous and introduced plant species of Lithuania

Abstract Localization of mucilage cells and mucilage indications in the Lithuanian angiosperms was studied with the purpose of estimating their diagnostic significance. 313 species belonging to 75 families were investigated. Mucilages were not found in plants of 86 investigated species. The mucilage indications were observed in the more primitive species of Magnoliopsida and Liliopsida. The mucilage cells were observed in the more developed taxa of Magnoliopsida. The investigations of genus Viola have shown that the amount of mucilage cells is related to the ecological conditions of the plant habitat.

Keywords water soluble polysaccharides, mucilage cells, mucilage indications, Magnoliopsida, Lithuania
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