Motiejūnaitė, J.

Genus Fellhanera in Lithuania


Two species of the genus Fellhanera Vezda are reported as new to Lithuania: F. bouteillei (Desm.) Vezda and F. subtilis (Vezda) Diederich & Sérus. Both species were collected from Vaccinium myrtillus stems, F. subtilis – from twigs and needles of Picea abies in addition, in humid old Picea abies and P. abies – Pinus sylvestris stands. Lichen species associated with F. subtilis were: Hypogymnia physodes (L.) Nyl., H. tubulosa (Schaer.) Hav., Cetraria chlorophylla (Willd.) Vain. on Picea abies twigs and needles, Dimerella pineti (Ach.) Vezda, Bacidia chloroticula (Nyl.) A. L. Sm. on Vaccinium myrtillus. The latter lichen species is reported for the first time for Lithuania as well.

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