Stanevičienė, S.

Mycological and lichenological investigations in the former Soviet military forestries in Lithuania. Micromicetes: Peronosporales [Mikologiniai lichenologiniai tyrimai buvusiose sovietinėse girininkijose Lietuvoje. Mikromicetai: peronosporiečiai (Peronosporales)]

Santrauka Species composition, host plants and distribution of Peronosporales fungi in the former military forestries in Lithuania are given in the paper, as well as their systematical and ecological analysis. Investigations were carried out in 1994–1995. Thirty Peronosporales species parasitizing on host plants of 33 species were determined. New localities of especially rare species Peronospora ochroleuca (on Turritis glabra), P. silenes (on Silene nutans), and P. rubi (on Rubus caesius) were registered. Cirsium oleraceum was registered for the first time in Lithuania as host plant of widespread species Bremia lactucae.

Raktažodžiai Peronosporales, species composition, host plants, distribution, military forestries, Lithuania.
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