Lukas Petrulaitis

Lotus maritimus L. (Fabaceae), alien species new to Lithuania

Abstract Information about the first record of alien species Lotus maritimus L. (Fabaceae) in Lithuania is provided. This species was found in disturbed grassland along the railway line in Panevėžys district (northern part of Central Lithuania), Berčiūnai village in June 2021. It is supposed that seeds of this species have been accidentally introduced with rock material used to maintain railway embankment. Species composition of the habitat in Lotus maritimus locality is presented. The recorded population consists of a large number of generative individuals. This species could also grow in other parts of Lithuania, as the plants produce viable seeds and might spread to new areas. Currently, Lotus maritimus is considered as a casual species in Lithuania; however, it may naturalise locally in the future.


Keywords casual alien, community, distribution, population density, railway, seed set

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