Dessislava Todorova, Iskren Sergiev, Elena Shopova, Liliana Brankova, Jurga Jankauskienė, Sigita Jurkonienė, Virgilija Gavelienė, Rima Mockevičiūtė

Physiological responses of Pea plants to treatment with synthetic auxins and auxin-type herbicide

Abstract The effect of exogenously applied 2,4-D (2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid) on growth and antioxidant defence of pea plants, preliminary treated with two synthetic auxin compounds 1-[2-chloroethoxycarbonyl-methyl]-4-naphthalenesulfonic acid calcium salt (TA-12) and 1-[2-dimethylaminoethoxycarbonylmethyl]naphthalene chlormethylate (TA-14) was examined. All chemicals were applied by foliar spraying. Applied alone, TA-12 and TA-14 had no significant effects, but they modulated the 2,4-D induced changes on most investigated biochemical parameters. The shoot fresh weight reduction caused by 2,4-D was partially overcome by the use of TAs. The use of TAs partially overcame the shoot fresh weight reduction induced by 2,4-D. Apart from this, no significant changes were observed in the other biometric parameters. Treatment with 2,4-D did not enhance lipid peroxidation, and hydrogen peroxide content was slightly increased. These data indicate that treatment with 2,4-D did not cause severe oxidative stress, which is also confirmed by the results of the antioxidant defence system. The application of 2,4-D provoked mild accumulation of thiol-containing compounds, free proline and phenolic compounds and increased the antioxidant enzyme activities (GST, SOD, CAT, POD and GR) to a moderate degree. Pretreatment with TAs noticeably decreased the non-enzymatic antioxidants (free proline, total phenolics and total low-molecular thiols) compared to plants treated with 2,4-D only. Except for GR, TAs pretreatment returned the enzyme activities to levels close to the controls. Based on the results obtained, we suggest that the application of both synthetic auxins could modulate 2,4-D herbicide effects.


Keywords antioxidants, growth, Pisum sativum (L.), stress markers, 2,4-D

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