Srivastava D.K., Bansal P., Singh P.K., Saggoo M.I.S.

Molecular signature of nrDNA-ITS marker in Isodon rugosus (Lamiaceae)

Abstract Molecular features of nrDNA-ITS sequences in medicinal plant Isodon rugosus were assessed with universal ITS-1 and ITS-2 primers. ITS sequences of 46 Isodon species were defined for their respective ITS-1, 5.8S and ITS-2 regions through in-silico datamining and analysis. Only in 32 species, sequence of all the three defined regions was complete, while in the rest of 14 species was partial. Isodon rugosus revealed five genic regions, namely, 18S rRNA gene (partial sequence, > 1…..38), ITS-1 (complete sequence, > 39…..236), 5.8S rRNA gene (complete sequence, > 237…..400), ITS-2 (complete sequence, > 401…..607) and large subunit 26S rRNA gene (partial sequence, > 608…..672). The sequence regions were recorded with variable sites (VS), singleton (ST) and species-specific parsimonious-informative (PI) sites. The information was also collected in a phylogenetic tree obtained using the maximum likelihood (ML) method.


Keywords Isodon rugosus, Lamiaceae, nrDNA-ITS marker

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