Gudžinskas Z., Taura L.

Confirmed occurrence of the native plant species Eleocharis ovata (Cypera­ceae) in Lithuania

Abstract Information on the occurrence of Eleocharis ovata (Cyperaceae) in Lithuania for a long time had been based on misidentified specimens only. During the studies on the flora of South Lithuania in 2020, we discovered this species in Varėna district on the shores of Lake Pabezninkai. We performed field investigations on the distribution, size of population and habitats of E. ovata from August to October 2020 on the shores of Lake Pabezninkai and, searching for this species, surveyed potential habitats on the shores of eight other lakes in South Lithuania. A total of 63 individuals of E. ovata were found on the shores of Lake Pabezninkai, and they were widely dispersed on the northern and south-western shores of the lake. Most of the registered individuals of E. ovata were found growing on wet sand and mud in the communities of the Isoëto-Nanojuncetea class. Solitary individuals were also found in communities of the Phragmito-Magnocaricetea class. Assessment of E. ovata according to the IUCN criteria revealed that this species, currently occurring at a single locality in Lithuania, should be classified as critically endangered (CR). Conservation of E. ovata and other rare plant species recorded on the shores of Lake Pabezninkai should be organised by maintaining favourable habitat conditions.


Keywords conservation, distribution, habitats, population size, reproduction

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