Yatsyna A., Stukonis V., Gliwa B.

Lichens and allied fungi from the Praviršulio Tyrelis State Nature Reserve (Central Lithuania)

Abstract The paper presents the results of the inventory of lichen-forming, lichenicolous and allied saprobic fungi from the Praviršulio Tyrelis State Nature Reserve. A total of 199 species were recorded, including 183 lichens, eight lichenicolous and eight non-lichenised saprobic fungi. Four lichenised species (Micarea pseudomicrococca, Parmelia serrana, Sclerophora amabilis and Thelocarpon laureri) were reported new to Lithuania. Three protected species, Cetrelia olivetorum, Cladonia parasitica and Hypotrachyna revoluta, were also observed.

Doi https://doi.org/10.2478/botlit-2020-0017

Keywords biodiversity, bog, lichens, lichenicolous fungi, protected area

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