Abraham O.G., Nwokeocha C.C., Faluyi J.O.

Heritability patterns of some agro-botanical characters related to yield and drought tolerance in two landraces of rice

Abstract Two landraces of rice, AWGUII-04 and IJ-124, were characterised and assessed for phenotypic variability, heritability, genetic advance and modes of inheritance of some primary yield and drought-tolerance traits. The target traits for yield were a percentage of filled spikelets, plant form, tillering, and for drought tolerance, leaf rolling, ratooning and maturity. This study was carried out to help both breeders and farmers make a wise choice when carrying out hybridisation and on the field. Hybridisation produced three F1 hybrids that were advanced to F2 generation. Quantitative and qualitative vegetative and reproductive data were taken from each F2 population. The results obtained showed high heritability (62–100%) in all the thirty-eight vegetative and reproductive traits. The genetic advance was high (> 20%) in all the target traits except for leaf rolling. The traits segregated in the following ratio: plant growth form – 9:6:1; the percentage of filled spikelets – 13:3; ratooning – 3:1; maturity – 15:1; the number of tillers – 15:1 and leaf rolling – 15:1. The high heritability of the above traits makes them highly dependable for rice crop improvement.

Doi https://doi.org/10.2478/botlit-2020-0016

Keywords breeding, drought-tolerance, fertility, genetic inheritance, hybridisation, rice, yield

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