Romanov R., Korolesova D., Afanasyev D., Zhakova L.

Chara baltica (Charophyceae, Charales) from the Black Sea Region and taxonomic implications of extrastipulodes

Abstract Chara baltica (Hartm.) Bruz. was found in the bays of the northern part of the Black Sea as a result of our joint efforts for clarification of some charophyte species from the region. The species was reported new to Ukraine. This is the first reliable record of this species in the Black Sea Region and Russia. In the studied populations, C. baltica had a variable arrangement of stipulodes because of the presence of extrastipulodes as a common trait. The morphology of the specimens studied may suggest a possible explanation of old uncheckable regional records of C. horrida Wahlst., species known from the Baltic Sea only. The worldwide range of C. baltica was summarised with a map according to the published records, GBIF data and some checked specimens. It highlighted the records, which need to be confirmed. The presence of extrastipulodes in the specimen studied, as well as the indication and illustration of some species of charophytes, allowed to suggest several additions to the terminology of charophyte morphology useful for further studies. Their application was demonstrated with the specimens studied and the illustrations published elsewhere.


Keywords Black Sea, Chara baltica, Characeae, charophytes, distribution, stipulodes

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