Srivastava D.K., Bansal P., Singh P.K., Saggoo M.I.S.

Molecular autograph of maturase-K gene in Isodon rugosus (Lamiaceae)

Abstract Molecular autograph of trn/mat-K gene was used as one of the important candidate marker in addressing the questions of systematics and barcoding of medicinal plants. Features of trn/mat-K gene in Isodon rugosus (Lamiaceae) were assessed for the first time (NCBI GenBank Accession Number: MH939199.1). Sequence of 756 bp length was amplified by the universal matK primers (matK472F and matK1248R) in the cpDNA of the plant. It was reported to contain trnK gene (>1…..50; >746…..756), partial sequence; and matK gene (>51…..745), partial coding DNA sequence. Alignment search and analysis showed that only nine different Isodon species are currently available for matK sequences with repeated copy of submissions in GenBank. The matK sequences of I. rugosus was reported with 34.2 (G + C)% and 17 variable sites (VS), out of which seven were singleton (ST) and 10 sites were species-specific parsimoniously-informative (PI) that could be used to differentiate I. rugosus from other species as well as to authenticate the taxon. Phylogenetic analysis resulted into monophyletic clustering of I. rugosus near to the clade having I. coetsa by both maximum likelihood (ML) and maximum parsimony (MP) methods. Clades obtained in ML tree were more informative as compared to MP tree.


Keywords Isodon rugosus, Lamiaceae, matK gene

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