Pliszko A.

First record of Solidago ×snarskisii (Asteraceae) in Poland

Abstract The paper deals with Solidago ×snarskisii, a natural hybrid between the North American S. gigantea and the European S. virgaurea, as a new casual alien species to the flora of Poland. It was found in August 2018 in the town of Suwałki, NE Poland, growing on a fallow land among its parental species. The population of the hybrid consisted of one cluster of shoots, including four generative and three vegetative shoots, and it was associated with meadow, grassland, and ruderal plant species. The locality of S. ×snarskisii in Poland was mapped using the ATPOL cartogram method.


Keywords alien species, biological recording, distribution, Europe, hybrid, Solidago gigantea, Solidago virgaurea

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