Evarts-Bunders P., Evarte-Bundere G.

New knowledge about species of the genus Chaerophyllum (Apiaceae) in Latvia

The genus Chaerophyllum belongs to the Apiaceae family, which is one of the most complicated and difficult to identify in Latvia. There are five species verified by herbarium materials known in Latvia: Chaerophyllum aromaticum – native species, rather frequent in all regions in forests, parks and shrublands, C. aureum – anthropophyte, known only from one locality in Daugavpils city along the railway, C. bulbosum – anthropophyte, earlier grown as a root vegetable and now found rarely in parks, at roadsides, waste places, along fences and under canopy of trees close to human settlements, C. hirsutum – native species, known from several localities only in south-eastern part of Latvia, mostly in the Daugava valley – forested ravines, slopes of broad-leaved forests, and C. temulum – alien species, known only from few localities – waste places, railway sides and old manor parks in the whole territory of Latvia. The most striking results are related to the distribution of C. hirsutum in Latvia. The literature sources and herbarium material of Anthriscus nitida, previously known and collected in Latvia, after our critical revision are considered as Chaerophyllum hirsutum, whereas Anthriscus nitida at least in the Latvian flora has not been identified yet and has been removed from the flora lists by mistake.

Doi https://doi.org/10.2478/botlit-2018-0011

Keywords alien species, Apiaceae, distribution, flora, Latvia, rare species

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