Komulaynen S.

Structure and dynamics of algal communities in small river of the Republic of Karelia (Russia)

Abstract Distribution of phytoplankton, phytoperiphyton and microphytobenthos communities was simultaneously studied in the River Lihzma (Republic of Karelia, Russia). Comparison includes both taxonomic and quantitative parameters along river continuum. Special attention was given to the analysis of causes of spatial inhomogeneity of algal communities. In the studied river, the pattern and trends of dynamics in the community were dependent on high current velocities and the alternation of lake, pool, and riffle zones. Algae are constantly removed from bottom biotopes, attached forms are detached from their substrate and are transported by the stream, and planktonic forms settle down, disturbing the distinctive characteristics of communities and resulting in the formation of “mixed” communities.

Doi https://doi.org/10.2478/botlit-2018-0006

Keywords lake-river systems, microphytobenthos, phytoperiphyton, phytoplankton

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