Gudžinskas Z.

Additions and corrections to the list of alien plant species of Lithuania

Abstract Addition of nine alien plant species and correction of the taxonomic position of one alien species was provided in this publication. Occurrence of three species, Gossypium hirsutum, Leymus racemosus and Senna obtusifolia, has not been reported in Lithuania, yet. Gossypium hirsutum and Senna obtusifolia are casual grain immigrants and their naturalization in the country is unlikely. Leymus racemosus probably has spread to Lithuania from Kaliningrad region of Russia, where it has been introduced intentionally. Currently, this species is treated as naturalized in the Curonian Spit (Western Lithuania). The status of Bellis perennis, which previously had variously been treated as native or alien species in Lithuania, was discussed. Although Malus domestica, Medicago ×varia, Oenothera casimiri and Salix ×fragilis have been reported occurring in Lithuania long ago, their status in the country has not been clearly defined. Considering non-native origin of one or both parental species of these four species, they also should be treated as alien in the country. Based on the results of taxonomic treatments, the occurrence of Salix euxina in Lithuania was confirmed. Cultivated and escaped plants, formerly known under the name Aronia melanocarpa, in fact are intergeneric hybrids and should be treated as ×Sorbaronia mitschurinii. Distribution, habitats, naturalization and impact of ten alien species were discussed. Notes on the taxonomy of several alien species were presented. Comments on improper documentation of several published molecular studies were presented and problems of the result interpretation were discussed.


Keywords alien species, distribution, hybrids, invasion, naturalization, nomenclature, taxonomy

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