Briškaitė R., Patova E., Juzėnas S.

Desmid flora in the lakes of the Khrebtovyi Nature Reserve in the Polar Ural (Russia) [Dvyniečių flora Chrebtovyj draustinio ežeruose Šiaurės Urale (Rusija)]

Abstract Fourteen thermokarst lakes and one mountain lake were explored in the study period. A total of 116 species of desmids belonging to 22 genera were identified. The genera Cosmarium (29), Staurastrum (18) and Closterium (13) were most abundant. The highest number of species (88) was recorded in the habitats with Sphagnum and brown mosses. Twenty-seven species and one variety of desmids were observed for the first time in the Polar Ural Mountains.


Keywords algae, benthos, Desmidiales, Polar Ural Mountains, Russia

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