Briškaitė R.

Desmid flora of Aukštumala raised bog (Nemunas River Delta, Western Lithuania) [Aukštumalos aukštapelkės dvyniečių flora (Nemuno Delta, Vakarų Lietuva)]

Abstract Desmid algae from three families, 17 genera were registered in the investigated habitats of the Aukštumala Telmological Reserve. A total of 56 desmid algae taxa (50 species and six varieties) were recorded. Species of the Desmidiaceae family dominated. They comprised 73% of all desmid species found. Mesotaniaceae and Closteriaceae comprised 16% and 11%, respectively. The highest diversity was discovered in the samples collected on the margins of the pools (45 species) and in the wet hollows with Sphagnum cover (35 species). Most species were found in the samples collected in August (36 species) or in March and June (25 and 28 species, respectively). The seasonal and spatial distribution of desmid algae species was observed.


Keywords algae, Desmidiales, Europe, Lithuania, raised bog, Zygnematales

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