Koreivienė J., Kasperovičienė J., Karosienė J.

Cyanobacteria diversity in Kamanos raised bog (north-west Lithuania) [Melsvabakterių įvairovė Kamanų aukštapelkėje (šiaurės-vakarų Lietuva)]

Abstract The current study summarised the diversity of cyanobacteria found in various habitats of the second largest raised bog of Lithuania. A total of 56 cyanobacteria species that comprise 19% of all phycoflora diversity in Kamanos raised bog were recorded. Species from the Chroococcales (32 species) order and the Chroococcus (7), Aphanothece (7) genera were the most numerous. Twenty one cyanobacteria species were found in Lithuania for the first time. Most of species recorded in Kamanos raised bog were cosmopolite or distributed in temperate zone. One third of the species were characteristic particularly of the peat bogs. Thirty nine species of cyanobacteria were specific to the particular water body and occurred only in 1–3 of the studied localities. Only five species, i.e. Chroococcus turgidus, Aphanocapsa grevillei, Aphanothece elabens, Cyanosarcina sp. and Hapalosiphon sp. were common. Peculiarities of the habitat were the most important drivers determining species richness and composition of cyanobacteria in a particular locality.

Doi https://doi.org/10.1515/botlit-2015-0018

Keywords Central Europe, cyanoprokaryotes, peat bog, peat land, protected areas, species diversity

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