Karpavičienė B., Radušienė J., Viltrakytė J.

Distribution of two invasive goldenrod species Solidago canadensis and S. gigantea in Lithuania [Dviejų invazinių rykštenių rūšių – Solidago canadensis ir S. gigantea – paplitimas Lietuvoje]

Abstract Two North American goldenrods, Solidago canadensis and S. gigantea, are listed among invasive species posing the greatest threat to species and ecosystems in Europe. Distribution of non-native goldenrods in Lithuania was studied during field trips conducted in 2012–2015 with additional usage of herbarium data. To date, S. canadensis occurs frequently, especially in the eastern part of the country, being the most abundant in Vilnius city, Tauragė district, Vilnius district and Pagėgiai municipalities. S. gigantea occurs frequently in the southern part of the country with the highest abundance in Kazlų Rūda municipality. A total area invaded by S. canadensis amounts to 1702 ha, and by S. gigantea – 411.5 ha. Both species occur mostly in abandoned fields and on roadsides, in communities of ruderal plants of the class Artemisietea vulgaris. The current distribution of S. canadensis and S. gigantea in Lithuania and their competitive potential suggest that these two species are likely to become more common and abundant in the future.

Doi https://doi.org/10.1515/botlit-2015-0015

Keywords invaded habitats, invasive species, Solidago canadensis, Solidago gigantea

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