Pliszko A.

Agastache rugosa (Lamiaceae), a new casual alien in the flora of Poland [Agastache rugosa (Lamiaceae), nauja atsitiktinė svetimkraštė rūšis Lenkijos floroje]

Abstract In September 2014, the casual occurrence of Agastache rugosa in Poland was confirmed. It was found on a ground heap between fallow and arable fields in Łbiska near Zalesie Górne in the community of Piaseczno, the Masovian Voivodeship (coordinates: 52º1′33.06″ N, 21º0′27.72″ E; the ATPOL cartogram unit: ED46). This rare species of Asian origin is cultivated in bee-plant gardens of some beekeepers in Poland. The map of distribution and mode of introduction with garden waste from horticultural farms were presented.


Keywords Agastache, casual alien, distribution, garden escape, ornamental plant, Poland

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