Matulevičiūtė D.

Notes on the status of Viola uliginosa in Lithuania [Apie Viola uliginosa būklę Lietuvoje]

Abstract The number of localities and the recent status of the populations of Viola uliginosa were unknown due to the absence of data. The short note presents recent data on the occurrence of this species in the Žalgiriai Forest (Šilutė district, western part of Lithuania). These data confirm the fact of the survival of V. uliginosa in the territory of the country and possibility of broader distribution of the species in Lithuania. Potential habitats and threats were discussed. Recent status of two populations of V. uliginosa in the Žalgiriai Forest is considered to be good. However, the vicinity of clear-cut area may have negative influence due to possible water table changes in the habitat of one population, while another population might be threatened in case of clear cuttings in the habitat.


Keywords extinction, habitats, threats

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