Kolmakov P.

Checklist of fungi of the genus Russula from Belarusian-Valdai Lake District [Baltarusijos ir Valdajaus ežeryno regiono Russula Pers. genties grybų sąrašas]

Abstract The species diversity of the genus Russula Pers. was studied at the northern part of Belarus and the southern part of Pskov region of Russia. The region of the study is characterized by numerous lakes and rugged terrain. The checklist of fungi of the genus Russula is based on the material collected by the author in 1999–2013 as well as the herbarium collections and published data of the other authors. The checklist encompasses 60 species, 28 of these were found to be rare in the area. R. azurea and R. favrei were reported for the first time in Belarus. Nineteen species – R. alutacea, R. atropurpurea, R. aurantiaca, R. brunneoviolacea, R. consobrina, R. fellea, R. grisea, R. heterophylla, R. laeta, R. mustelina, R. nitida, R. pectinatoides, R. pseudodelica, R. pseudointegra, R. rhodopoda, R. rosea, R. sanguinea, R. seperina and R. versicolor were reported for the first time in Pskov region. Most of the listed Russula species are widely distributed in Europe. Most species that are rare in the study region are uncommon in the whole Europe as well.

Doi https://doi.org/10.1515/botlit-2015-0003

Keywords Basidiomycota, Belarus, Belarusian-Valdai Lake District, distribution, Russia, Russula s. l., species diversity

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