Butkuvienė J., Sinkevičienė Z., Žvingila D.

Batrachium (Ranunculaceae) in the rivers of Lithuania [Batrachium (Ranunculaceae) Lietuvos upėse]

Abstract Batrachium (DC.) S.F.Gray is one of the most complicated taxonomic groups of aquatic plants. Identification to species level often is very difficult because of simplified morphology and variable taxonomic interpretation of the group. This paper reports the results of the revision of herbarium specimens of Batrachium from flowing waters. The occurrence and distribution of Batrachium fluitans and Batrachium pseudofluitans in the rivers of Lithuania are presented as well as morphological characters important for the separation of these taxa are discussed.

Doi https://doi.org/10.2478/botlit-2014-0006

Keywords Batrachium fluitans, Batrachium pseudofluitans, distribution, morphology, Ranunculaceae, variation

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