Gudžinskas Z., Petrulaitis L., Arlikevičiūtė L.

Vaccinium macrocarpon – a new alien plant species in Lithuania [Stambiauogė spanguolė (Vaccinium macrocarpon) – nauja svetimžemė rūšis Lietuvoje]

Abstract Extensive colonies of V. macrocarpon Aiton were found in 2013 during the investigations of the flora of Rėkyva wetland complex (Šiauliai district) in a cutover and abandoned Piktmiškis peatbog situated in the environs of Rėkyva village. This species was widely distributed on about 31 ha area and solitary individuals or small patches were recorded in various distance from the dense population in bog woodlands. It is supposed that seeds of this species were dispersed by birds. V. macrocarpon should be treated as a naturalized species in Lithuania. Recommendation to use V. macrocarpon for re-cultivation of cutover peatbogs should be considered with caution in order to avoid its probable invasions in natural, disturbed and degraded bog habitats. Notes on cranberry nomenclature and taxonomy are also provided


Keywords alien species, bogs, cranberry, naturalization, peatland, spread

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