Kristinsson H., Heiðmarsson S., Hansen E. S.

Lichens from Iceland in the collection of Svanhildur Svane [Islandijos kerpės Svanhildur Svane kolekcijoje]

Abstract Survey was made of the lichens collected by Svanhildur Svane in different parts of Iceland from 1949 to 1997 and deposited at the Botanical Museum of the University of Copenhagen (C). As a result, 11 species, Agonimia tristicula, Aspicilia mashiginensis, Fuscidea tenebrica, Gyalecta flotowii, Lecania baeomma, Lithographa tesserata, Pyrenopsis grumulifera, Rimularia fuscosora, Steinia geophana, Thelignya lignyota and Umbilicaria nylanderiana, were recorded as new to Iceland, and 6 species were new to certain regions in Iceland as defined in the Nordic Lichen Flora.


Keywords lichens, Iceland, Greenland, Svanhildur Svane

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