Evarte-Bundere G., Evarts-Bunders P.

Use of leaf morphometric parameters for identification of the most common cultivated intraspecific taxa of Tilia platyphyllos [Morfometrinių požymių panaudojimas dažniausiems kultūriniams Tilia platyphyllos vidurūšiniams taksonams apibūdinti]

Abstract To determine variation of the most important morphological parameters of Tilia platyphyllos Scop., we studied four most frequently found in Latvia taxa: T. platyphyllos subsp. platyphyllos, T. platyphyllos subsp. cordifolia (Besser) C.K.Schneid., T. platyphyllos ‘Rubra’, T. platyphyllos ‘Obliqua.’ Morphometric measurements (length of petioles, width and length of leaf blades, pubescence and margin of leaves) were performed for 10 different specimens of every selected taxon measuring five typical leaves from each specimen. The cultivated intraspecific taxa of Tilia platyphyllos differed by the following morphometric parameters – the pubescence of leaves, the margin of leaves and the length of leaf blades. No significant differences were ascertained between taxa in such morphometric parameters as the width of leaf blades and the length of petioles.

Doi https://doi.org/10.2478/botlit-2013-0011

Keywords Tilia platyphyllos, intraspecific taxa, leaf morphometry, Latvia

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