Sinkevičienė Z.

Succisella inflexa – a neglected species in meadows of Lithuania [Succisella inflexa – pražiūrėta Lietuvos pievų rūšis]

Abstract Succisella inflexa (Kluk) Beck. is one of the rarest red-listed species in Lithuania, occurring at the northern border of its range. Based on herbarium specimens, only five localities were known in SE Lithuania (Trakai, Varėna and Šalčininkai districts) in the period of 1956–1983. In 2007 and 2009, new localities in the Šalčia River valley near Žygmantiškės village (Šalčininkai distr.) and in the Merkys River valley near Moliai village (Varėna distr.) were recorded. The populations survived in wet meadows of Calthion, Caricion communities, in the intensively grazed floodplain. They were composed of flowering and vegetative plants and seemed to be in good condition. The limited occurrence of S. inflexa in Lithuania is related to the species distribution on the edge of its range. The late blooming time in August–September was the main reason why this species was neglected during the former investigations on these meadows usually studied before mowing in June or July. After the discovery of new populations, S. inflexa is expected to be more distributed in the natural valleys of the Merkys River catchment area.


Keywords Dipsacaceae, floodplain meadows, fen meadows, conservation

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