Vaičiulytė V., Ložienė K.

Variation of chemical and morphological characters of leaves and unripe cones in Juniperus communis [Paprastojo kadagio (Juniperus communis) lapų bei neprinokusių kankorėžėlių cheminių ir morfologinių parametrų įvairavimas]

Abstract The variation of content of essential oil and pinene isomers and morphological parameters of leaves and unripe cones in Juniperus communis L. was studied. Leaves and cones were collected separate from 110 J. communis individuals in 11 different habitats throughout Lithuania. Essential oils were analysed by capillary gas chromatography (GC). The study showed more intensive essential oil accumulation and higher intraspecific variation of essential oil amount in unripe cones than in leaves. Significant differences between α- and β- pinene amounts were observed in J. communis. β-Pinene was detected in much higher quantities than α-pinene. Positive correlation was detected between pinene isomers in cones and leaves (r = 0.44, p < 0.05 and r = 0.50, p < 0.05, respectively) of the same tree showing pinene isomers common biosynthetic pathway. Significant differences between populations were characteristic of J. communis according to leaf length, unripe cones mass and essential oil yield in leaves, however, significant correlation was established between essential oil yield of leaves and habitat illumination (r = -0.67, p < 0.05) and soil acidity (r = -0.80, p < 0.05) only.


Keywords Juniperus communis, leaves, unripe cones, essential oils, pinene isomers, morphological and chemical variation, abiotic factors

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