Hansen E.S.

Lichens from three localities in Central West Greenland with notes on their climatic preferences [Trijų centrinės vakarų grenlandijos vietovių kerpės ir pastabos apie jų klimatines preferencijas]

Abstract A total of 165 lichen taxa collected from three localities in Central West Greenland in summer 2012 were reported and categorized toward their climatic preferences. Specimens of 68 lichen taxa were collected in Ilimanaq/Claushavn, 62 specimens – in Oqaatsut/Rodebay and 159 – in Ilulissat/Jakobshavn. Thirty four lichen taxa were recorded for the first time from Ilulissat, while all recorded lichens from Ilimanaq and Oqaatsut are new to those localities. More than 70% of the 165 lichens are more or less equally distributed in continental and oceanic areas of Greenland. About 20% of the lichens occur most frequently in oceanic areas and more rarely in continental areas, while a little more than 7% of the lichens occur frequently in continental areas and more rarely in oceanic areas. Two lichens are distinctly oceanic and one is distinctly continental. The climate of the three localities is low arctic, continental. As regards the distribution of the lichens, the results are in good accordance with those obtained from similar investigations in more southern areas of West Greenland.

Doi https://doi.org/10.2478/botlit-2013-0004

Keywords distribution types, ecology, lichenized ascomycetes

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