Hansen E. S.,

A contribution to the lichen flora of North East Greenland [Papildomi duomenys apie šiaurės rytų Grenlandijos florą]


The paper lists 83 species of lichens from North East Greenland between 75° and 80°N. A little more than half of the species, viz. 45, were recorded for the first time from this region. Fell-field lichens from alkaline and neutral as well as slightly acid ground are presented in the material, which, however, also contains some species of lichens found growing in moist heath localities as well as those with snow patches. The material includes numerous saxicolous lichens from siliceous bird rocks and rocks without visible influence of guano including some alkaline rocks.

Doi 10.2478/v10279-012-0013-7

Keywords lichens, Danmarkshavn, Greenland

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