Treigienė, A.

Mycological and lichenological investigations in the former Soviet military forestries in Lithuania. Micromicetes: Melanconiales. [Mikologiniai lichenologiniai tyrimai buvusiose sovietinėse girininkijose Lietuvoje. Mikromicetai: Acervuliečiai (Melanconiales)]

Abstract Forty two species of Melanconiales fungi belonging to 26 genera and inhabiting more than 30 species of host plants were revealed in the investigated former Soviet military areas. Most of fungi species were found on woody plants. Thirteen Melanconiales are reported for the first time in Lithuania. Species composition of these fungi varied in different military grounds in species number, diversity and the display intensity. Piggotia coryli (on Corylus avellana in Kairiai), Marssonia chamaenerii (on Epilobium angustifolium), Phloeospora tremulae (on Populus tremula), Gloeosporium saponariae (on Saponaria officinalis in Pabradė), Coryneum umbonatum (on Qercus robur in Kazlų Rūda) and Asteroma cylindrospermum (on Alnus glutinosa in Nemirseta) were noted as especially aggressive. Five species were noted in all investigated territories: Discula umbrinella (on Quercus robur), D. betulina, Coryneum brahyurum, Melanconium bicolor (on Betula pendula) and Asteroma padi (on Padus avium).These species are widespread and common in whole territory of Lithuania

Keywords fungi, Melanconiales, military forestries, Lithuania.
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