Kasperovičienė, J., Koreivienė, J.

Coccoid green algae flora in plankton of small lakes of the Baltic Uplands [Rytinės Baltijos kalvyno dalies mažųjų ežerų planktono kokoidinių žaliadumblių flora]


One hundred and thirty five species of coccoid green algae ascribed to 12 families and 50 genera were recorded in 28 small lakes located in the Eastern part of the Baltic Uplands. They comprised almost half of the known coccoid algae species (284) in Lithuania. Scenedesmaceae (41 species), Chlorellaceae (25), Oocystaceae (19) families and Scenedesmus (26), Pediastrum (12) genera were the most diverse. Very rare species worldwide Echinosphaeridium nordstedtii Lemmermm., Monoraphidium flexuosum Komárek, Pseudokirchneriella roselata (Hindák) Hindák, Thorakochloris nygaardii Fott were among 34 species new to the Lithuanian Chlorococcales algae flora. The discrepancies in number and size of cells, colonies, coenobia as well as atypical morphological structures were evident in the lakes characterised by high anthropogenic impact and extreme environmental conditions.

Keywords coccoid green algae, Chlorococcales, diversity, lakes, Lithuania

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